Client Testimonials


Yoga has become a regular part of my life thanks to Cheri. It has greatly helped me in everything I do – from practicing law to playing baseball. The increased flexibility makes me feel younger and helps increase my stamina.

– Steve


What started as a luxury in short order became a necessity.  Balancing work and family demands is exhausting but, thanks to Cheri, one night each week our living room becomes a respite of peaceful rejuvenation.  Her style of yoga is the perfect blend of athleticism and intuitive, mindful practice.  Her warmth, caring, and complete professionalism are a breath of fresh air.  In the two years we have worked with her, she has never canceled at the last minute, not shown up, or even been late.  She always arrives in perfect order and brings with her an air of cheerful calm.  I love that her music is varied and perfectly follows the mood and style for the session.  Cheri has been able to expand our yoga practice while respecting and addressing any limitation or injury.  She seems to have an infinite ability to offer modifications and her physical adjustments are both reassuring and encouraging

– JeanAne


Cheri’s passion is obviously yoga; she exudes calm and confidence through her voice and demeanor. She has a gentle teaching style and is endlessly patient while we attempt to bend our bodies into various positions.

My husband and I have taken private yoga classes with Cheri for about two years. We are both seniors and through Cheri’s classes have really seen improvement in balance and flexibility. Cheri always asks how we are feeling, and adjusts the session to be the most beneficial for whatever ache or pain afflicting us that day.

She’s made a real difference in our lives and we look forward to her classes every week.

– Leslie


Cheri has been my yoga teacher for two years, first twice a week and now three times a week.  Cheri has a very calming presence, and leads a mindful practice. Both my body and mind have benefited beyond words from her teaching.

Cheri emphasizes focus and balance in my practice, resulting in a quieter mind and a more aligned physical stature. As a first time triathlete these qualities helped me maintain focus, quiet the mind, and finish.

– Lisa


It has been my privilege over the course of several years to take both group classes and private lessons from Cheri.  Her yoga insights, teachings skills, and quiet confidence have both deepened my practice and enriched my life off the mat.

– Geoff


Cheri’s teaching is grounded in astute observation, illuminating demonstration, clear instruction and positive encouragement. The mastery of her craft is immediately evident and her ability to communicate with humility and integrity is inspiring.  I have been taking private lessons with Cheri for over a year, and she has made all the difference in my yoga journey.

– Denise



Cheri has been an incredible Yoga instructor for me during the past two years.  I have been doing Yoga for about 5 years, but it is only during the past 2 years (after I started working with Cheri), that my flexibility truly improved.  She approaches each class with both a mix of consistent stretching routines and brand new stretching exercises.  Together, they work well to really open up my muscles.  Cheri is also kind, works well with a variety of client scheduling requests and always works to maximize my success as an intermediate yoga student.

– Bill



We have been taking private lessons with Cheri for more than a year, and we are so grateful that she is our teacher.  Cheri brings a warm and calming energy that is so welcome after a long day.  She knows the mechanics of the poses and ensures we are doing them safely and correctly.  She approaches each session completely open to customizing it depending on what we need that week.  No matter how stressful our day, thanks to Cheri, we end each session with a sense of mindfulness and peace.

– Katie and James


I have taken private sessions with Cheri due to some physical limitations I have. She was an amazing and patient instructor who always found a way for me to get the most benefit out of our sessions even when I could not do them the same as most. She always had a creative solution. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for an instructor who will take the time to learn about you and work with any limitations you may have!

– Michelle


I started working with Cheri in January. I had been contemplating yoga for a few years but never got around to doing it. My sister had been working with Cheri and she highly recommended her, so I took the plunge.

I had just finished a year long treatment that left me anemic, weak and more than a little hazy. This was on top of a four way heart bypass the year before, so I was in pretty sorry condition, both physically and mentally.

After my first private session, I realized that yoga was something that could change my life for the better. As I continued to take private lessons twice a week Cheri was an steady and sure guide in my journey. She was intuitive and understood what I needed as I started my practice and worked to overcome two years of inertia and physical entropy.

Each session was remarkable as Cheri helped me understand what I was doing and why. She is great at teaching and modeling the poses which made it much easier to learn. Cheri taught me how to breathe dynamically and, perhaps most importantly started me on the road to meditation, which is what yoga is all about (also learned that from Cheri…).

It would be hard to over-estimate the positive benefit that Cheri has had on my life and the life of my entire family as I brought them into my private sessions. At times we were almost class size and Cheri was great at connecting with everyone.

It has been five months and I am beginning to feel like a new person. Yoga, while challenging at times, is incredibly rewarding. Undertaking a yoga practice was one of the best personal decisions I have ever made. Undertaking it under Cheri’s tutelage was an even better decision. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking to start or improve their yoga practice work with Cheri.

– George


I have taken yoga lessons from Cheri for several months.  I turned to yoga to relieve increasing lumbar back pain (I am in my 60s), and a high level of stress, and Cheri was highly recommended as a private instructor.  Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and caring approach have yielded more than I hoped.  I am stronger physically, more relaxed mentally, and have developed a deeper appreciation for yoga as a healing art.  I highly recommend Cheri as a teacher for any age, or level of experience!

– Vicki


For me, aging is a continuous adjustment, mentally and physically. Long or intense workouts and competitive sports are no longer the norm. Effectiveness, lasting transformation, and long-term mind and body health benefits are the new focus.

It took a considerable amount of convincing by my “better half” for me to try yoga, but once I did, I immediately felt the benefits of stress relief (the breathing and mind calming exercises really work); strengthening of the core, legs, and arms; flexibility; improved posture, and a rejuvenated outlook and attitude.

We decided to start with private sessions from Cheri so I did not have to endure potential embarrassment and inevitable comparisons to the fitness buffs and super flexible. We also spared them my moans that happened when I started to use and stretch muscles I forgot about. The home sessions are so comfortable and convenient that a majority of our lessons are private; but now I am very at ease in a group setting.

Cheri is a wonderful yoga instructor. Her voice is soothing and her style is instructive and encouraging; you learn and can practice on your own. Most important, she listens and tailors sessions to how you are feeling or what you need from each session. Forget routine and repetitious, every session is different, yielding the desired outcome whether it is relaxation; strength; flexibility; or alleviating back, shoulder, foot or other muscle soreness. Cheri is a subtle motivator and a caring person – a great yoga instructor – the kind of person you wish you knew earlier.

– Chuck


I started off the 2013 New Year with three goals, one of which was to find a yoga instructor who would walk a journey with me to become more grounded, relaxed, flexible, strong and spiritual. I needed someone who wouldn’t get frustrated with me because I’m easily stressed and I knew it would be a tough challenge to teach me how to relax through yoga and meditation. I met Cheri shortly after the New Year when she was recommended to me. I had actually convinced my husband to join me in this journey and we decided to start off with some private lessons from Cheri so we could both get the hang of it before joining a studio. The year is almost over and we have yet to join that studio. Cheri brings such warmth and love to her practice each and every week. She is a patient teacher and one who is constantly praising and encouraging so you always feel like you’re improving and growing. She knows when you need to take it easy and when to push you – she’s very in tune with us. Each session is different and new – there is no getting bored with the same routine. We see Cheri twice a week at home and we both look forward to each and every time. She is ALWAYS in a bright, happy mood and it really feels as if she’s become a member of our family :-)

One extremely unique characteristic of Cheri that I’d like to share: if you have a question on ANYTHING (even if it’s just in passing)…you will receive an email from her with whatever research she has done to answer that question and some recommendations if you’re struggling with someone. For me, I mentioned my migraines in passing and the next session she brought these handouts to me on various positions to help a migraine. She is thoughtful in her approach and in her relationship with her students; always trying to be of help. Cheri absolutely loves what she does and it shows.

– Heather




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